Hotmail Login, access account Hotmail

Hotmail Login email service based on Web online for you to send emails and messages to friends and colleagues. Mail safe speed, do not lose the professional, so when you use a Gmail account. Login Hotmail easily.

Hotmail is a service of sending and receiving e-mail is no stranger to users. However, the majority of users typically sign up gmail to send email messages and register the many services on the internet as the Garena … registration, create a game account ….

Hotmail Login is very simple, just like the login message Hotmail bleak, bleak. Because the mail address is Microsoft mail. So, from the Hotmail registration and the prospect is the same.

Hotmail Login, access account Hotmail.

Step 1: You access or .

Step 2: Enter account information is password-> select + Hotmail login.

If not already have a Hotmail account, you choose to Create  Hotmail account ( Hotmail subscription to create yourself an account now, please?) Create Hotmail account.

Step 3: Login Hotmail interface is successful.

Hotmail or Outlook Mail is the email account helps you make use of the Microsoft services should work interface of this e-mail service 2 is the same.

On this have just guide you how to  Login Hotmaillogin access  Hotmail account on your computer. You can refer to the how to create  Hotmail account here

Change Hotmail Password

Step 1: Conduct a Hotmail Login  your computer.

Step 2: Here, you select Change account password.

Step 3: This step you chose To send the code. There are 3 options for you. “A call to the phone number you register”, “send a reminder to your registered phone number”, and finally “Send the code to your email address”.

Step 4: You enter the 4 last numbers of your phone number and then enter the code You just received.

Step 5: You enter the old password and the new password. Enter the new password twice. So you’ve completed your Hotmail password changes

You can earn on the line Make me change my password every 72 days: this will help the system alerts you to change your password after 72 days from the day the new password change.

After the message “Your password was changed on……” are you a Hotmail password change was successful.

On this have just guide you change Hotmail password is successful, the steps are quite simple. Does the email accounts, devices such as Wifi, laptop also need to change the password frequently for information security, change the password of wifi is pretty important because it directly affects the information stored on your computer , a user’s laptop.

Create Hotmail account

Create Hotmail account you can possess a mailbox from Microsoft, it is the same the other email accounts such as Google or Yahoo, Hotmail accounts offered to users completely free and easy account creation, high security features. Let done creating accounts offline.

Hotmail accounts are similar to Gmail accounts. If want to use gmail, you need to sign up for Hotmail and gmail as well, creating Hotmail account you can send and receive emails from colleagues and friends.

To create Hotmail account just simple registration steps. Currently, the corporation Microsft still give users two free email service @ and @ is. In the previous article we guide you how to create Outlook email with this article then we continue to introduce to you how to create Hotmail account, you consult with us.


Step 1: Open the Firefox Web browser, Google Chrome and then click here to register.

Step 2: You enter information in the boxes below:

Create Password: Password to log in the mailbox, the password here to have length of 8 characters or more including letters, numbers and special characters.

Name: The name that appears on your account.

Country/region: the country in which you live work.

Birthday: You enter the date, month and year of his birth.

Receive code: You mail mailbox that you use to sign in to get the code.

Count ZIP: Zip countries, you choose Vietnam (+84)

Phone number: Enter the number of mobile phone you are using, and remember to omit the first 0 offline.

Create an Alias: create a nick name for this e-mail account. If you choose this option will address moved to confirm the account. You should choose the option to Text or Email:
If the SMS option: You enter the 4 last numbers of the phone into the text box and press the button Send code. Microsoft will send 1 SMS to your phone open this news out to retrieve the confirmation code reset website are open, and then click the Submit button.
If you choose Email: enter email again into the text box and then click submit. then open the email, click the link in the email to confirm.

Skip for now: you should choose this option if do not want to create the nick name, or to confirm the dripping.

After the complete information needed to press Create account to implement create an account. Your creation process was successful, you can Hotmail login right now

You can refer to the way Hotmail Login here.

Add a Hotmail and Live Email on Outlook 2010

Microsoft is move to take out the next update of the Hotmail service, promises to bring a better webmail service. However, a patchwork of Microsoft Outlook 2010. How do I sign in to Hotmail through Outlook

Version of outlook 2010 works with many different email versions, including the accounts using POP3, IMAP and Exchange Protocols. The problem occurred it is POP3 and IMAP email synchronization, do not show your calendar and contact list like the email Exchanges. However, with Hotmail, you can sync email, contacts, calendar with outlook with Hotmail Connector. This will help you easily see all PIM data anywhere. Please follow the instructions to help set up Hotmail and Live Mail into Outlook 2010 account.

Start: The easiest way to add Hotmail to Outlook Hotmail Connector is installed outlook (32 bit and 64 bit). Fai Outlook is closed before the installation as usual.

If you create Hotmail account while setting up your New Account before you install Outlook Hotmail Connector, then Outlook will help ban Download Hotmail Connector. However, you will have to exit Outlook before you install the Connector, then back to log your information again when you restart Outlook. So, it would be easier if you originally only Outlook settings.

Add a Hotmail and Live Email on Outlook 2010

Now you are ready to add your Hotmail account to Outlook. When you open Outlook 2010 you will see a blue screen, click Next to continue

Select Yes > Next

If you have an e-mail account in Outlook, you can open the add new account by click on File > Add account

Enter your Hotmail account information > Next

Outlook will check your account you register, then automatically created an account for you with Hotmail Connector you have previously installed

If you enter the wrong password, the popup will appear. Retype pass, choose OK and Outlook will check your Setup

After the complete end of stick settings, click Finish and next to the Hotmail account on Outlook.

Welcome to the Hotmail new 2010. you will see a small note at the bottom end of the window to confirm that you have connected to Windows Live Hotmail. Now, your email will sync with your Hotmail account, outlook calendar and contacts will be synchronized with the calendar and list of Live. It is the closest way to help you get full Exchange that k need an Exchange account. According to people who have used then that’s great. fact, Hotmail Sync seems to work faster than IMAP.