Create a signature in Hotmail

By | March 12, 2018

Create a signature in Hotmail help you demonstrate professionalism in sending email on your Hotmail account. You can use your Hotmail signature in the form of text or images to introduce about myself as well as other information relevant to the recipient knows about you. Refer to how to create a signature in Hotmail here by

Hotmail is the same as the other account like Gmail or Yahoo mail, each service has a feature to create your own signature. If gmail has created the Yahoo Mail gmail signatures nor exception.

Hotmail and Outlook is Microsoft’s account, if you have created a signature Outlook mail and are using a Hotmail account, then let’s quickly create for himself a signature in Hotmail to introduce through the information about himself or about the company … to your friends as well as partners understand more about you.

Create a signature in Hotmail

Step 1: Hotmail Login

At the interface, select the cog icon -> Select Option (View Full Setting).

Step 2: Select Mail-> select Personalization (create a signature).

Step 3: create the Hotmail signature interface, you have the full range of tools for creating the signature you want.

1: Includes fonts, colors, alignment margins …

2: Insert pictures into Hotmail signature.

3: Selection of the display mode automatically Hotmail signature.

After creating a signature in Hotmail finished -> You choose Save to save the signature.

Step 4: Now you come back and send Hotmail interface testing an email -> Signature in Hotmail appeared then that.

Above instructed you how to create a signature in your Hotmail help emails become more professional. If you do not have a Hotmail account, you just quickly create Hotmail  account to regester not only be able to use e-mail service but also can download many applications for Windows 10 now.

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