Create automatic reply to messages in Hotmail

By | March 12, 2018

Create automatic reply to messages in Hotmail feature is of paramount importance and practical for people who don’t have time to check mail and reply immediately for emails need to respond immediately. Setting up automatic reply emails also showed our professionalism in it. Today will guide details how to Create automatic reply to messages in Hotmail.

Just as the automatic reply in Gmail, Hotmail users that do not have the time to check his mailbox, create automatic reply in Hotmail to send back to the email I know you’re busy so haven’t had time to read and answer them.

Hotmail is a service to send and receive electronic mail is quite famous, if you’re already registered Hotmail, owns a Hotmail account, please refer to Creating automatic reply to messages in Hotmail below to get more experience when using services Microsoft’s offline.

Create automatic reply to messages in Hotmail

Step 1: Hotmail Login

First you need to login Hotmail (if not yet available please refer to how to create a Hotmail account that the previous guidelines); In the console, select the gear icon = > Choose Option (View Full Setting).

Step 2: You select the Mail = > Message Handling

Step 3: Here you have quite a lot of options:

After Setup is complete, choose Save to save the auto-reply message in Hotmail. So is the process of installing the automatic reply in Hotmail was successful.

On this  have finished the tutorial create automatic reply in Hotmail, you don’t have time to check mail frequently then this is a professional with the emails received from friends or partners.

In addition, you should also Forward mail in Hotmail to be able to receive email to that does not need to access your main Hotmail account or can create a group in Hotmail to send each time we will send at the same time for many people in a group. Wish you create automatic reply in Hotmail!

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