Use Hotmail With Screen Readers

By | May 14, 2018

For those who have knowledge in the world of virtual communication, we know that Hotmail is one of the web services longstanding, reliable and safest to send emails and conversations in writing in time actually. Have you ever wondered how blind and visually impaired users to send e-mail on Hotmail using screen readers. Well, this is how they do it

Use Hotmail With Screen Readers

1: Choose from the links list, for functional users, use insert plus F7 to access this list.Use Hotmail With Screen Readers

2: When you are in the new e-mail page, for users of JAWS, please make sure that the form mode is enabled, this is done by going to the to box and when editing, press enter. This ensures that you can enter without any problems.Use Hotmail With Screen Readers

3: Select or enter the contact name using your favorite contacts or select box for the contact you want to select all the contacts from the menuUse Hotmail With Screen Readers

4: Enter the title of your e-mail address and then hit tab twice to get to the contents of the letter box.Use Hotmail With Screen Readers

5: Enter the message you want to send, press tab to exit the content of messages and press enter.Use Hotmail With Screen Readers

6: Click Insert plus F7 and press the letter S until you arrive at the link posted. Press enter on the link.Use Hotmail With Screen Readers

7: If you already have contacts in your list, there will be a link that will talk back to inbox or return messages. If the contact is not in your contact list, add contacts, respectively.

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