Why Hotmail is better than Gmail. Compare Gmail and Hotmail

By | March 12, 2018

For Gmail, Hotmail has a replacement! Hotmail with the continuous improvement in the last year is said to be one of the providers of free email services best. Many features of Hotmail now very nice. Let us see some of the features such that make people move out and move on to Hotmail Gmail.

With Google Plus-if your search results and updated privacy policy and the terms of it, many users are planning to make a move away from the use of its services. We have seen some changes to Google’s search engine.

Compare Gmail and Hotmail

1. One of the best reasons is in Hotmail, you can attach and share hundreds of photos (or other files) without cluttering your Inbox. This can be done for integration with SkyDrive online storage. You can share up to 200, 50 MB of files (10 GB) in a single email with SkyDrive. You can do this in Gmail?

2. Hotmail, use the Office Web applications, allowing you to view and edit Microsoft Word documents, Excel and PowerPoint files without leaving your inbox for free.

3. Hotmail has upgraded control SmartScreen Spam filtering technology. In addition to significantly reduce spam actually, now it gives users complete control over Graymail. Newsletters, social updates and messages so (called Graymail), but is not spam, but clutter our inbox can be scanned completely to keep your Inbox clean. It can also automatically send or delete the messages you receive by planning, with features Sweep and Scheduled Clean up. It also allows you to create your own categories. So that users have full control. No such Sweep feature in Gmail.

4. Hotmail provides great mobile experience on all major smartphones globally, including Windows Phone, iOS and Android by providing two-way synchronization not only email and calendar but also complete sync contacts. Hotmail application was provided on various mobile platforms, such as Android and recently also recently on the Kindle Fire. Hotmail app provides a better experience than Gmail app is available on iOS.

5. Hotmail offers the ability to chat with members of Facebook – in addition to the private chat in Inbox. So you can update your Facebook status, chat, see updates of your Facebook friends right from your Hotmail inbox. This can not be done in Gmail.

6. Multiple security features make Hotmail was awarded the leader in email protection. Features such as “Codes used once”, where the one-time password is sent to your mobile phone, so you do not have to reveal your real password on a public computer. “My Friend was overbearing” feature allows you to report that your friend as being “hacked”, when you notice suspicious mail account from your friends, but Hotmail will then investigate. Many great features and enhancements have been added to Hotmail.

With the advantages of Gmail, Hotmail versus above. Why do not we Create Hotmail account now.

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